Idealista: “How to restructure and furnish your home with just a click, from the comfort of your couch”

The Staff and cameras of Idealista meet the Nigis Team to talk about Custhomeyes and Easy Design

“How to build every component in your dream home with your pc? Download CustHomEyes, the VR software developed by Nigis Srl. Idealista news interviewed Stefano Nicotra, CEO & Founder of Nigis…”

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100 IDEE per Ristrutturare: “Need to furnish your home? Just a click away!”

The Voice by signing Luca Schirillo.

“It ‘was born in San Mauro new software that allows anyone to decorate your apartment with a simple click ….”

He was born in San Mauro, but in 2017 will land none other than the United States of America.
To design it a couple of young local. Stefano Nicotra, 33, graduated in law but with a timeless passion for technology, computers, software; and Manuele Giaccone, 27, a programmer.

The application is called CustHomEyes and is the product of the start-up Nigis, created the office of San Mauro Torinese (ongoing Lombardia 79) and destined to revolutionize – if all goes as in the expectations of the founders – the furnishing virtual world indoor and outdoor also for “non-experts”.

As told by Stefano Nicotra us, the idea of creating CustHomEyes takes hold “when Mom and Dad decided to modernize our house a few years ago. I realized how complicated and expensive this whole process and how difficult it is for the customer to see the realization of 100% what he has in mind, especially since it is necessary to rely on third parties “.

Who better than ourselves, thinks Stefano, can realize the vision we have of our space or architectural projects? And so the young sanmaurese exposes the idea of a lifetime friend, Manuel, who already works as a programmer with his father.

The enthusiasm of his convinces Stefano socio future that the idea of the good ones: the two create Nigis srl and put together a team, called computer programmers from different countries and begin to work on that, two years later he became the realization of a dream.

To increase the chances of success, Stephen chooses to leave for a long trip in Silicon Valley, California, the global capital of technology start up, to understand what needs a young start-up in Turin to get to break through in the US. Back home, he realizes a software dedicated to boating, to real estate and trade fairs, but above all creates CustHomEyes.

The application, to be launched in 2017 in the United States, gives the possibility to every user to move freely within the building environment, re-measure. And as, in real time as he wishes, customize them by choosing furniture, doors, sofas, chairs, tables.
Even choosing the color and material of walls and floors. The project is also shared online with anyone you want, on your smartphone or pc: just a simple click to find yourself inside the building, with the possibility of moving into the apartment and observe how it was furnished. “The revolution of architectural design, and not only to that our” said Stefano.

Since January, the software will be downloadable in Italy and the United States on any fixed or mobile device.

Luca Schilirò