CIJ MEDIA: “CustHomEyes, the interior design VR revolution”

CIJ MEDIA signed by Daniele Compatangelo.

“Nigis srl, customer CIJ MEDIA, has made CustHomEyes, the revolutionary software in the design of all types of internal, private and professional use that permanently abolishes the use of the rendering. A young company that is giving a hard time to those who, in Silicon Valley, had suggested a similar software but CustHomEyes has burned all the time, thanks to the young Italian minds behind it. The news media, from “Il Corriere della Sera” and “GQ”, they immediately acknowledged the importance and usefulness of this software that soon will enter the United States. Here is the novelty of CustHomEyes, inviting you to delve into the links that we attach to the bottom of the page, the influential Italian media … “

“Once you have created from scratch the structural design, or simply modeled the plan in CustHomEyes software, you can now move freely and customize, with a simplicity never seen before, their environment, in their entirety, by building materials and complements ‘demo design and / or branded by the marks of settore.In companies, so the user can evaluate in real time the complete project … “

The extended article by clicking here

Quotes have been translated from Italian

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